A quick PS on the Apple Watch

Along with the new iPhones, Apple also announced the “Apple Watch,” disappointing those who were hoping it would be called the “iWatch.” According to Senior Housing News, it has some features of potential interest to seniors. We say “potential” because it doesn’t yet, ah, exist.

You are getting sleepy...you will give Apple all your money...

You are getting sleepy…you will give Apple all your money…

As our colleague at Health Tech Insider, Alfred Poor warns, “The demonstration units shown to the press were not fully functional, and shipments won’t start until sometime in 2015. And until you can put cash on the counter and get one of these gizmos in return, it’s not a real product because we don’t know yet what the final product will — and won’t — do.”

For now, all you need to know is:

It’s not yet available.

The announced base price is $350. And you’ll need an iPhone for it to work properly.

If you don’t already own a compatible iPhone, at least you’ve got a year to start saving!