New wallet makes using cards easier

ID cards, credit cards, loyalty cards, life seems to be filled with cards that need to be dug out of purses and wallets, which as fingers get older and joints get stiffer becomes increasingly painful. There’s currently a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new type of wallet that might make using all those cards easier.

Designed by two brothers, the “Glider” is a hard-shelled wallet that resembles an iPhone in both form and function. It’s small, extremely thin and made from a glossy polycarbonate, with a sliding bar in its center. Moving the bar makes a card emerge just far enough to be swiped. Thus, if there’s a card you need to use frequently, say to swipe at the gas pump or supermarket, all you need to do is slide the bar, rather than remove and replace the card. If you need to use a full card, pressing a button makes it emerge.

For more information on how it works, see the video on Kickstarter.

For more information on how it works, see the video on Kickstarter.

The Glider is not yet available because it is still raising funds on Kickstarter. If you want one, you have to pledge that you will buy at least one (there are various tiers of pledges available). If the fund-raising goal is met, you will receive one (or more) and be on the hook for your pledge. If it is not met, you will owe nothing, but alas, you will not get a Glider either.

Caveat: While the design is both clever and practical, we suggest you watch the video to see if either the slider bar or button might be too small for your hands. The wallet in the video is a prototype, so we can’t judge how much pressure it will take to work the slider.