The watch we’ve been watching for?

We admit we’ve gotten more than a little bit weary of endless variations on Personal Emergency Response Systems (aka “I’ve fallen and…”) as well as “Big Brother” sensors to track the movements of seniors in their homes. So much so, that we nearly overlooked the press materials from Lively. Yes, it’s yet another start-up with yet another variation, but it seems they might have actually gotten it right. We caution you we haven’t tested their products, but they at least appear to be simple, well-thought out, and reasonably priced.

Lively currently has two offerings:

The Lively PERS watch. Courtesy:

The Lively PERS watch.

Miniature activity sensors (they remind us of dollhouse-sized toilet seat covers), that can be placed anywhere in a home, including on pill boxes. They chart normal patterns of activity and can alert when there’s a deviation.

Their own version of a PERS device. Hurrah, it’s not a pendant, it’s a waterproof watch–and it actually tells the time! Most importantly, they’ve figured out that senior eyes need BIG type and senior fingers need a BIG emergency button. Kudos to them for that alone; however, the promotional video on their website suggests the watch may be uncomfortably big for many women.

The watch itself costs $49.95. The response service is free for the first month, $34.95 a month thereafter. Nevertheless, there’s only a limited supply currently available, and since this is a new company, no guarantee on how long their service will be available. Caveat emptor, but it does look promising.