Kudos, but Double Check Your Demographics

Grambling State University, “the top producer of Computer Information Science Grads in Louisiana,” is offering a four-day  “Strengthening Technology Skills” event to help older adults learn more about consumer technology devices. It will feature workshops led by students who will receive service learning credit.

This is a wonderful piece of public outreach that well honors Grambling’s distinguished history. We wish everyone involved much success.


Maybe Mom and Dad can explain who this old guy is. 

Still, by aiming the workshops at adults “50 years old and older,” they’ve stumbled on one of our pet peeves. We don’t mean to single out Grambling, which is putting on a valuable event. It seems that nearly everyone forgets that the current generation of fifty-somethings came of age with computers. Many are not only conversant with computer and Internet technologies; they helped pioneer them.

Best of luck to the students, but may we suggest there’s a paper in there for somebody on the actual relationship of 50+ adults to technology?