Automated Medical Translation

Translate-Your-World, which enables both automated (machine) translation and simultaneous human translation over the Web, has announced that it is now making medical translation available in 78 languages.

But let’s let them explain in their own words:

Translate Your World, developers of linguistic and mobile marketing technologies, announced today the release of its TYWI-Hospital, an online speech translation software specifically designed for hospitals, medical offices, caregivers, and institutions for the aged. This futuristic software mystically creates real-time voice translation as people speak, plus text translation in 78 languages, then further offers support for the hearing- and vision-impaired.

Er, we believe the “mysticism” consists of a fairly standard approach. As explained by David Bellos, Director of the Program in Translation and Intercultural Communication at Princeton, the current way such translation is accomplished is a series of back-and-forth steps. First, using speech recognition, the human voice is translated into text, then the text is run through an automated translation program, which then may be spoken aloud by an automated text-to-speech program.

Undoubtedly, you’ve noticed such a process could yield several points of failure. Nevertheless, it surely beats trying to mime to a medical profession who doesn’t speak your language.