Meals on Apps

The start-up crowd has begat several new options for quick delivery of (relatively) cheap, healthy meals, as well as other services, which could be useful for those seniors who need help with daily tasks.

The one currently getting the most attention is SpoonRocket, which promises San Francisco-area residents an $8 meal or $6 anti-oxidant smoothie delivered in approximately fifteen minutes. According to the Yelp reviews, this promise is not always fulfilled, but SpoonRocket still might be a good option for healthy prepared food.

Of course, there’s always the old stand-by.

There are also several other companies with similar promises and varying offerings and prices. Some are entirely web-based; others may involve downloading an app to a smart phone.

  • Sprig is a pricier version of SpoonRocket, also based in San Francisco.
  • Seamless and GrubHub do not prepare food, but will deliver it from a wide selection of restaurants. In essence, they’re the online version of a drawer stuffed with take-out menus, with the addition of reviews, customer ratings, and special discounts.
  • Postmates delivers both meals and miscellaneous items from merchants in the cities where it operates.
  • Instacart delivers groceries and other items from select stores in several cities.
  • TaskRabbit is an errand-performing service, which can range from deliveries to housecleaning to household repairs. It claims to extensively vet all of the people it sends to its customers.
  • Peapod is a well-established veteran, nearly ancient by Internet standards. Founded in 1989, since 1996 they have been offering Web-based delivery of fresh food, sundries and prepared foods, primarily in northern and mid-Atlantic states and the mid-west.

A note of caution: These services are not available in all areas, and many are geared towards those who have more money than time. Check pricing and reviews carefully before using.