Start-up Creates Sensing Diapers

Nearly a decade ago, Japanese toilet maker Toto introduced a toilet that could perform a an in-home urinalysis. Now, a start-up seems to be heading in the same direction, but a step earlier: They’re making sensing diapers.

Senassure's illustration of their idea.

Senassure’s illustration of their idea.

Sensassure is testing a disposable pad that can detect moisture when placed inside a diaper. It then wirelessly transmits the information to a cloud server. Beyond that, the company has given no details, so we must assume the information is likely to be transmitted to desktops at nursing stations or possibly to medical staff pagers and cell phones. The hope is to help nursing home patients lower their risk of bed sores and the personal misery and indignity of unchanged, soiled diapers.

The company is an early stage start-up, so whether the product will be available for home use, perhaps with app alert through cell phones, is currently unknown. Most intriguing is the question of whether the product will evolve into something similar to the Toto diagnostic toilet: Perhaps a future iteration will be able to not only alert to a soiled diaper, but analyze its contents for indications of health problems.