Quick–but important–Caregiving Survey from PBS

PBS’s Next Avenue, a site that covers all aspects of senior living, is conducting an online survey focused on ideas to “help broaden choices and improve ongoing living assistance.” They hope to use the results to guide their coverage of the issues.

Unlike most online surveys, it really is as short as it promises. It has only seven “how important” statements that it asks you to rate on a 1-10 scale, with a sliding button. The link was emailed to their subscribers, or you can find the survey here.

We think the survey itself can be a great tool to spark family discussions among elderly parents and caregiving children, as well as serve as a “gut check” for assumptions about caregiving requirements, whether for yourself or others.

No surprises here. Graphic from Seniorhelpers.com.

No surprises here. Graphic from Seniorhelpers.com.

And as far as “assumptions” go, today at the American Sociological Association’s annual meeting, Princeton graduate student Angelina Grigoryeva is presenting her findings on family caregiving. She concludes: “Daughters provide an average of 12.3 hours of elderly parent care per month as compared to sons’ 5.6 hours.”

We suspect many female readers are not surprised by her research.