Senior Living Facilities Realize Seniors LIKE Technology

One of our frequent themes at Senior Tech Insider is the image vs. reality of the relationship of seniors and technology. Apple’s famous “1984” commercial came out in the eponymous year, which means that even some of today’s oldest seniors would have been young enough to be introduced to Macs and other personal computers on the job.

Yes, even the Apple ad's star, Anya Major, is nearing fifty.

Yes, even the Apple ad’s star, Anya Major, is nearing fifty.

Thirty years later of personal and professional computer use later, they are not terribly happy to find themselves in senior residencies that think all they require is an antiquated computer lab. As trade publication Senior Housing News reports, the access demands of new residents are driving providers to install wi-fi throughout their facilities in order to stay competitive.

In a reflection of how computers are now seen as social access devices, instead of merely business machines, many of the old computer lab spaces are being re-done as Internet cafes, where residences can talk to each other as well as contact their families online.

Nevertheless, while the executives who administer these facilities are trying, they’re still not quite getting it. One source cheerfully reassured SHN, “It’s no longer grandma’s nursing home.”

But that’s the whole point: It’s not the nursing home that’s changed. It’s the grandmas (and grandpas) within it.