comScore Report on Mobile Usage–Seniors Score!

comScore, which provides measurements of digital usage for marketers, is out with its U.S. Mobile App Report. Unsurprisingly, in a world of smart phones, tablets, and that ludicrous portmanteau “phablets,” time spent on mobile apps (as opposed to browser time) has jumped 52%. According to comScore’s statistics, this should not come as news to many seniors, who represent a sizable segment of mobile users.

For those not fully up on their geek, the distinction is: An “app” is a small program you need to download to your mobile device, as opposed to simply typing the name of a site into a web browser. While you can still use a browser on a mobile device, the advantage of downloading apps is that they’re written to run better and faster (“natively”) on mobile devices and may also offer functions beyond those found on their browser versions. In addition, certain location-based programs may only be available as mobile apps.

(Charts courtesy comScore. Click to make them larger.)

Granted, it's a little less impressive when you realize how many years are covered in each bracket.

Granted, it’s a little less impressive when you compare how many years are included in each bracket.

The top four apps for those under the age of 35 are: Facebook, Pandora Radio, Instagram, and YouTube (the last two are reversed for 25-34). Starting at age 35, Instagram loses its place in the top four to Facebook Messenger. After age 54, it drops out entirely, replaced by Solitaire, and, yes, we do find that depressing. Happily, the Scrabble-like Words with Friends also makes the list.

Yes, 55+, because you and your grandmother/grandchild have so much in common.

55+, because you and your grandmother/grandchild have so much in common.

The full report is available for free download; however, comScore requires a business (or presumably academic) email address. We’d like to require they learn how to capitalize.