Another Day, Another Acronym

The FCC has published new rules for MBANs or “Medical Body Area Networks.” However you feel about government regulations, you have to be reassured that the FCC is making sure that the  frequency your doctor may one day use to check a diagnostic sensor on your body will be different from the one Amazon is using to fly a delivery drone over your house.

The FCC is quite optimistic about the future potential of MBANs. From their report:

MBAN devices promise to enhance patient safety, care and comfort by reducing the need to physically connect sensors to essential monitoring equipment by cables and wires.  Because they will provide a cost-effective way to monitor patients in health care institutions, MBAN systems can provide clinicians with more extensive real-time data that will permit faster patient intervention.  The resulting benefits – including reductions in emergency transfers and less exposure to hospital-acquired infections – could save countless lives and reduce nationwide health care expenses by billions of dollars.

If you wish to chew on the entire 35 pages, you can find them here. If you’d like a summary, please check our sister site, Health Tech Insider.

And if you need a quick reference for what all the acronyms you encounter in so many fields refer to, our favorite cheat sheet is Acronym Finder.