National Employ Older Workers Week

According to the US Department of Labor, this week (September 21-28) is “National Employ Older Workers Week. ” Granted, a more helpful name would be “National Don’t Lay Off People Over 45 Week,” but we’ll stay optimistic and discuss some career websites that can assist seniors in their searches for paid employment, whether full or part-time.

From our favorite motivational website:

From our favorite motivational website:



The current leader in online networking. If you’re not on it, you should be. Of the job sites we’ve had personal experience with, it’s the only one that’s produced cold calls from potential employers. Here are three incredibly simple suggestions from our colleague Alfred Poor of Health Tech Insider about how to use the “title” field on a LinkedIn profile that will up your chances of being found in searches:

  • If you’re employable in more than one role, for example, florist/wedding planner, use “and” instead of a slash.
  • Or you can be more creative and use a full sentence: “Florist and wedding planner seeks new clients in the Chicago area.”
  • Remember that whenever you change your title, LinkedIn notifies your entire network, so you can use that title field as an automated announcement: “Florist and wedding planner has openings for June.” Don’t abuse it, however, or they might catch on.


This is the simplest, one-stop-shop site for finding jobs. brings in search results from thousands of help wanted postings. You can get very granular in your searches, specifying right down to zip code.


This site functions in part as a review site for employers, with good insider information about salaries and management attitudes. After you read some of the postings, you may feel better about not getting hired.


Most of the listings offer bottom feeder salaries, but sometimes surprisingly good opportunities will turn up. One overwhelmed employer warns that you have to be fast on the reply button because dozens of resumes may be sent within minutes of a posting.

Whole lots and lots of ‘em

Forbes magazine is now making an annual tradition of gathering job sites. In 2012, they turned up 75, last year it was up to 100. Happy hunting!


This may seem an unlikely source, but no less than the State Department has a convenient list of senior-specific career sites.

A few others:

Senior Job Bank

The site claims: “Many companies advertising are committed to hiring baby boomers and older workers as part of their hiring strategy and truly believe in the value of this talent pool.”


The site offers job listings and advice.

Career Pivot  (Boomer Job Tips)  and Mylifestylecareer

Both websites offer career transition advice for boomers, some of it free, some of it promoting workshops, books, and consultations.


Aimed towards helping seniors find fulfillment in the nonprofit world and the public sector, Encore is as much about creating community as it is about finding a specific job.