Simple–and complex tech–for not forgetting pills

We’ve all forgotten to take pills at one time or another, but who knew it was such a thing that there’s actually a website called, which features every kind of day-of-the-week/time-of-day pill container you could imagine. Or at least thought you could imagine, until a tech start-up came up with a sensor-based gizmo that wraps around pill bottles and inhalers.

Amiko--Doesn't yet exist

Amiko–Doesn’t yet exist. This example is opened to show the circuitry.

Existing pill organizer--this and many others at

Existing pill organizer–this and many others at

Amiko, as the gizmo is called, “is an affordable, lightweight sensor-packed in a leaf-shaped sleeve that is specially designed to fit perfectly on five common types of medicine packaging. Easy to use, Amiko is placed on medicine packaging and detects both motion and the angle of motion…[and] tracks the medicine taken and sends information to a connected app available to patients and caregivers.” That’s according to the press release, we haven’t tried it for ourselves, because–as seems to be all too often the case with new gizmos these days–it doesn’t yet exist.

It’s you know, close to existing, if you’ll just pony up for their fundraising campaign, which starts today on IndieGoGo.

The advantages it should have over basic pill reminders is that it can link to electronic health records as well as send compliance information to caregivers. It may be reassuring to adult children worried that their parents aren’t taking medication. However, as forgettingthepill amply demonstrates, the existing, simpler products should suffice for anyone not suffering from extreme memory impairment. Granted, they don’t look as cool.

UPDATE: Link to Amiko IndieGoGo should now work. Here’s the video they’ve put up; the description of the product starts at 1:09: