Blue Star Veteran’s Network for Senior Vets–48 Hours to Funding Deadline

Time’s running out to fund a good cause. The Blue Star Veteran’s Network (BSVN) has a little over 48 hours left on its Indiegogo campaign. They’re hoping to raise 72,500, but so far have barely raised over 22,000. This in a world where a guy got over 50k to make potato salad.

Founded by a retired Navy admiral, BSVN plans to use technology to provide aging-in-place services for seniors who are veterans or close family members of veterans.

According to their Indiegogo site: “The Blue Star Veterans Network integrates multiple technologies, including wearables, in a unique patent-pending service suite to help older veterans live safe and healthy in their own homes. We integrate hardware, software, processes, and a human monitoring/assistance team to help vets and their families live free and independent. Our signature product is The Blue Star Service Watch, which is just part of a larger set of available services.”

The watch is a handsome variant on the medical alert pendant, or as BSVN says, “Vets don’t like to wear those ‘old-people’ pendent buttons!”  Considering the military’s influence on fashion (think leather bomber jackets), we hope BSVN gets the funding it needs, since we can imagine many people would rather wear a vintage-looking working watch than a dorky-looking pendant. That said, those with arthritis may still prefer a pendant, providing it slips over the neck.

We salute BSVN and hope they achieve their goal. As Hunter, an 84-year-old Korean War vet quoted in their promotional video says, “I want to be independent to do whatever the hell I want.”