Do Seniors Really not care about Sustainability?

Nielsen is out with their Global Corporate Responsibility Report, focused on sustainability, which concludes that Millennials (21-34) care most about it.

Unfortunately, most of Nielsen’s results are not granular; there is only one chart that specifically addresses age, and perhaps not surprisingly, the young are more idealistic than the rest, although we are surprised to see a substantial falling off between the young Millennials (21-24) and the youngish Gen X (35-49).

Of note, for those considering marketing products and services to Baby Boomers, often touted as a generation that carried their idealism into mid-life, no more than 13% seem to care about this latest incarnation of the causes theyScreen Shot 2014-06-27 at 1.35.03 PM championed in their youth. Which means, perhaps, that if you’re developing a technology for older consumers, you should consider that your target market’s first thought may not be, “How green is it?” but “What’s in it for me?”



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